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Taiwan machine of decelerate of planet of zero gap planetary reducer The elite widely use reducer


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  • Machine of decelerate of planet of back clearance testing equipment
  • Optical image measuring instrument (JMT400E)
  • Germany (LFS 300 TITEL CNC gear shaper
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  • CNC gear grinding machine RZ - 400

Suzhou thousand, hundred million electromechanical co., LTD Belonging to Taiwan yi Ming machinery, yi Ming machinery was founded in March 1972, and in the United States in 1989 founded the Los Angeles branch ATRUMPMACHINERYINC. J, 1995 through the ISO9002 certification, the commodity inspection bureau in 2003 through the ISO9001 quality certification, and through the European CE standard test, make products to be sold in Europe, over the years, deep acclaim and numerous awards in export market, footprints all over the world more than 30 countries.Jun yi co., LTD. Is specialized in high-tech reducer, motor and helical gear reducer, zero back lash planetary reducer, royal deceleration motor, servo power tool turret, worm worm gear reducer, planetary gear reducer design, research and development, production. In recent years, with the customers for the pursuit of product quality and price, constantly in improving speed reducer of high-performance, maximizing efficiency and provide a wide range of technical resources to do the unremitting efforts.Company pursues "quality first, customer satisfaction" and "diligent, honesty, the letter" business philosophy, constantly absorbing talents, the company always has a group of high-end technology to master the industry of science and technology talents. Companies with a positive pragmatic style of work, draw lessons from all kinds of advanced management experience, improve the self-realization, establish a good corporate culture.Impressed by the Chinese mainland market in recent years in the future and the importance, so set up branch company in jiangsu province in mainland China (suzhou DE billion electrical and mechanical co., LTD., to supply the needs of customers located in mainland.


Reducer is widely applied in modern machinery
Reducer between prime mover and work machine or actuator has a function in matching speed and transfer torque reducer is a relatively sophisticated machinery, the use of its purpose is to reduce rotation speed, increase torque. According to the different can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage transmission series reducer; According to the tooth factory round shape can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, cone gear speed reducer and cone - cylinder gear wheel reducer; According to the transmission can be divided into the expansion of decorate a form, shunt type and with the shaft speed reducer.Reducer is a kind of the closed in rigid casing of gear transmission, worm drive and gear - worm drive composed of independent components, commonly used for the original reduction drive device between moving parts and working machine. Between the prime mover and work machine or actuator has a function in matching speed and transfer torque is widely applied in modern machinery.



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